Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

SR SoftTech hybrid app development solutions are robust, high-performing, feature-packed and built to be both scalable and secure, able to handle any business and IT needs.

A Hybrid application is an app that is containerized, so it can function in multiple operating systems (usually iOS and Android) from a single code stack. The key advantage surrounding hybrid app development is the ability to use standard web development technologies – such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript – to deliver mobile apps across Android, iOS, Windows. To do this effectively, developers need the means to deliver the depth of native user experience without using traditional native tools and capabilities. In the end, it comes down to striking a balance between speed, flexibility, cost and user experience – and these benefits of hybrid app development far outweigh those of native capabilities.


Benefits of hybrid mobile app development include:

  • Cross-platform/multi-platform development
  • Provides more access to device features and capabilities
  • Downloadable and installable, you don’t browse to it
  • Improved performance
  • Highly interactive and impressive user interfaces
  • Cost-effective