Mini Banking

Chit Fund Management Software for jewelers who is willing to manage their Gold and Cash Chit Schemes

Gold Chit Management

Manage your gold chits by using our chit fund software. You customers can buy gold value by grams and save it at the days price. Later you can redeem the gold chit at the buying prices. The software sends sms to customers when their chits are due and when their payments are acknowledged. You can also send sms when the gold prices fall.

Money Chit Management

Money chit helps you save chits in the money value and redeem it later when the customer makes purchases. The chit module is linked to the point of sale module which helps easy redemption of chits

Auto-reminders to customers

The software will send automatic sms when the chit payment is pending and when chit payments are received. The software also sends sms when the gold prices are low or when you choose to run offers or discounts. This invariably increases sales and makes the loyalty better.


Easy Fast and Reliable

Simply Chit offers a friendly, simple and minimalistic interface to get the job done faster and in a reliable way.


Simply Chit automated entries makes chit fund management easy. Achieve accurate data entry while avoiding human error.

Multiple Reports

Simply Chit comes with many business and financial critical reports to help you to make quick decisions

Scale up easily

Quickly ramp up business operations beyond a single branch to multiple branches across different locations with ease.

Safe & secure

Data security and integrity of your customers is paramount and Simply Chit has been designed and built from ground up with strong security layer.

Statutory compliance

Statutory and general compliance comes built into Simply Chit Achieve chit act compliance and be GST ready with Simply Chit


Simply Chit understands every chit business is unique and needs customization to suit different models and rates. Simply Chit offers great customization to align your chit business and practices.