Restaurant Management software

Tasty Pro system helps a restaurant manage all the different types of orders, menus, shifts, tables, billings, payments and everything on all counts. Specially designed to serve and assist the F&B industry, a restaurant management expedites every operation of the restaurant and thus making restaurant management cakewalk for a restaurateur.

Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single place

Managing your big and small branch restaurants or franchises involves operations like billing, accounting and many more complex tasks. But with the help of Tasty Pro software’s Head Office module, take centralized control over all the connected branches or franchises with a command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and more.


Fine Dine Restaurant


Cafe/Coffee Shop


Bakery/ Sweet Shop

Food Court

Food Court


Multi Chain Restaurant


Pubs & Bars

Quick Billing

  • Increase the efficiency & improve the overall Table Turnover time of your restaurant. Process more orders quickly, without any hassles.
  • Take orders instantly through the Server App.
  • Let your customers order and pay at the table through Tablets.
  • Speed up your kitchen operations through integrated Kitchen Display System.

Care Our Customer

  • Keep your customers happy by providing them with exceptional customer service.
  • Gather feedback from your customers easily through the Feedback App.
  • Engage with your customers by sending them regular updates
  • Connect with your customers by sending them personalized greetings & offers.

Mobile App for Reports

  • View all the updates & reports of your restaurant from anywhere, anytime. Keep a track of your restaurant business at all times.
  • Access real-time reports of your restaurant right on your mobile phone.
  • Stay updated about the total sales happening at your restaurant, the number of bills generated, total discounts offered, and more.

Intelligent inventory and stock management

One of the most tedious tasks in restaurant management is Inventory and Stock management. Any kind of error in this will lead to an outpouring of confusion in all departments. The sophisticated stock and inventory management module of Tasty Pro software is a stickler for detail which lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track item usage. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

  • Real-time inventory
  • Set stock levels
  • Initiate transfer of items
  • Inventory and Stock Rates